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x9p, t, x, Video Archives - Genuine Notes

How to use MANO Simulator |Computer Architecture | B.Sc.CSIT|BIM | 3rd Semester

Histogram Equalization Numerical Explained in Nepali | Image Processing

Image Processing| Image Storage Numericals Explained in Nepali

Kruskal’s Algorithm|Graphs|Data Structure and Algorithm

Graph Traversal|BFS|Data Structure and Algorithm|B.Sc.CSIT|BCA

Graph Traversal|Data Structure and Algorithm|B.Sc.CSIT|BCA

Confusion Matrix Explained in Nepali|Information Retrieval|B.Sc.CSIT Seventh Semester

Precision|Recall|F-measure|Information Retrieval Evaluation explained in Nepali| B.Sc.CSIT 7th Semester

Substitution Permutation Network (SPN) | Block Cipher | BSc CSIT | Fifth Semester | Cryptography

Fiestel Cipher Structure | Block Cipher| Symmetric Cryptography| BSc CSIT | Fifth Sem | Cryptography

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