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bu, n, dzg, 6, f3, klb, Course of Study Archives - Genuine Notes

BIM TU Course of Study

BIM Course Syllabus First Semester: MGT – 201 Principles of Management ENG – 201 English Composition MTH – 201 Basic Mathematics IT – 211 Computer Information System IT – 212 Digital Logic Second Semester: SOC – 201 Sociology for Business MTH – 202 Discrete Mathematics and Its Application MGT – 204 Business Communication IT –

B.Sc.CSIT TU Course of Study

Semester I SN Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs. Full Marks 1 CSC109 Introduction to Information Technology 3 100 2 CSC110 C Programming 3 100 3 CSC111 Digital Logic 3 100 4 MTH112 Mathematics I 3 100 5 PHY113 Physics 3 100 Total 15 500 Semester II SN Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs. Full

BCA TU course of Study