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q, BIM Archives - Genuine Notes

BIM TU Course of Study

BIM Course Syllabus First Semester: MGT – 201 Principles of Management ENG – 201 English Composition MTH – 201 Basic Mathematics IT – 211 Computer Information System IT – 212 Digital Logic Second Semester: SOC – 201 Sociology for Business MTH – 202 Discrete Mathematics and Its Application MGT – 204 Business Communication IT –

How to use MANO Simulator |Computer Architecture | B.Sc.CSIT|BIM | 3rd Semester

Java Programming-II | BIM | Fifth Semester | Complete Notes

Java Programming-I | BIM | Third Semester | Complete Notes

Data Mining and Data Warehousing | BIM | Eighth Semester | Complete Notes

Computer Graphics (CG) | BIM | Fifth Semester | Complete Notes

Computer Organization (CO) | BIM | Third Semester | Complete Notes

Object Oriented Database Management System (OODBMS) | BIM | Eighth Semester | Old Questions TU

Economics of Information and Communication (EIC) | BIM | Eighth Semester | Old Questions TU

Web Programming-II | BIM |Fourth Semester | Old Questions TU

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